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AO/ASIF type (Hex Head Screws, DCP's, etc)
AO/ASIF type (Hex Head Screws, DCP's, etc)

AO type screws and plates have, for many years, been the human and veterinary standard implants.

They were originally designed in the 1950s by the AO study group - Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Osteosynthesefragen (English - Association for the Study of Internal Fixation, AO/ASIF), which continues to this day to lead the world in implant design.

The design of the spherical screw head and the compression hole are particularly important as, unless made to very exacting specifications, will not work properly together.

The composition and design of AO type implants are laid down in very detailed international standards. Provided implants are made to these exacting standards it is safe to mix and match sources. Be very wary about using implants which may not comply.

Veterinary Instrumentation implants are made in the U.K. in a factory for human implants where every aspect of manufacture is closely monitored so that every product meets the specification.

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